My Goals Hoodie

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Color: ash gray
Size: M

Tough, warm, and comfortable – this hoodie is a staple that belongs in every wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for hard-wearing durability or high-quality comfort basics, the Heavyweight Hoodie will get the job done.

Unisex Heavyweight Hoodie
normal fit
S 26.97 inch 20.98 inch 23.98 inch
M 27.48 inch 22.48 inch 25 inch
L 28.98 inch 23.46 inch 25 inch
XL 30.98 inch 24.49 inch 25.47 inch
2XL 31.97 inch 25.47 inch 25.98 inch
3XL 33.98 inch 29.49 inch 25.98 inch
Color: ash gray
Size: M